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  • Population: One tips and tricks

    Population: One tips and tricks

    Population: One is an exciting, addictive new battle-royale game played in virtual reality. From Big Box VR, the game was released on October 22nd 2020. Squads of 3 play against each other to be the last team standing. Many have compared Population: One to another popular battle royale game, calling it Fortnite in VR. Here…

  • VR Sickness

    VR Sickness

    What is VR Sickness? Virtual Reality Sickness, or VR Motion Sickness, is a type of motion sickness, caused by the same mechanism as sea sickness, but in reverse. Typically, motion sickness is caused by your body feeling movement that is not congruent with what you see. Like being on a boat, feeling the rocking while…

  • VR Rhythm Games

    VR Rhythm Games

    The top VR rhythm and dance games One of the best things about VR gaming is its ability to make you get up and move. Whether you are interested in improving your fitness or just looking for a fun challenge, rhythm games are an excellent way to get stimulated. I’ve only played a few of…

  • What are Supersampling and ASW?

    What are Supersampling and ASW?

    Improved Graphics and Performance in VR Supersampling and ASW are two technological advances used in rendering computer graphics. They use algorithms to help you get a cleaner, sharper, and steadier image in virtual reality. What is Supersampling? Basically it is an anti-aliasing method that makes your computer render images at higher resolution, which are then…