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  • Will the Oculus Quest 2 Pro be announced on Thursday?

    Will the Oculus Quest 2 Pro be announced on Thursday? Feature Image

    Facebook Connect on Thursday October 28th Facebook’s annual tech conference, Facebook Connect, is set to launch on Thursday October 28 with the Keynote featuring Mark Zuckerberg starting at 10:00 AM (PT). You’ll also be able to watch the video with other people in VR via Venues (Beta Early Access). Join Mark Zuckerberg and other Facebook […]

  • Extensive Facebook Outage Affecting Oculus Users

    Today October 4th 2021 at around 12:00pm EST a global outage occurred affecting Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Oculus. At the time of writing these services have been down for over 5 hours, and is not currently restored. The outage is due to an apparent DNS error. — UPDATE: Upon clicking publish on this article at […]

  • Escaping Reality—VR, Depression, Anxiety, and Addiction

    Disclaimer: I’m not a mental health expert, nor professional anything. This post is not medical or psychological advice. Its purpose is solely to observe my own experience, and explore the ways in which I feel VR has affected me, and possibly start a conversation on the topic. I’m just an introspective gamer dealing with some […]

  • Population: One tips and tricks

    Population: One is an exciting, addictive new battle-royale game played in virtual reality. From Big Box VR, the game was released on October 22nd 2020. Squads of 3 play against each other to be the last team standing. Many have compared Population: One to another popular battle royale game, calling it Fortnite in VR. Here […]

  • Cast Oculus Quest 2 to your PC

    With a recent software update, Oculus (Facebook) added a new, much simpler, way to cast your Oculus Quest or Quest 2 to your PC monitor. This gives you the ability to let others see what you are seeing while you are in VR, and is also super helpful when you are introducing someone to virtual […]

  • App Gifting Now Available on the Oculus Store

    I just got an interesting notification… A much requested feature has just been added to Facebook’s Oculus. Apparently, when you browse the store in the Oculus mobile app, you now have the option to purchase games for your friends. Click the more icon next to the price of a game in the Oculus Store, and […]

  • How To Get Android Notifications on Oculus Quest With NotifiVR


    Tired of missing text messages and other important Notifications from the real world while you’re in virtual worlds? NotifiVR from developer Benjamin Schulte is a free app that lets you link up notifications from your Android phone with your Oculus Quest. I’m really excited to use it. I’m tired of missing texts from my GF […]

  • How to play PCVR games on Oculus Quest with Virtual Desktop

    How to use Virtual Desktop with Oculus Quest featured image

    With Virtual Desktop from Virtual Desktop, Inc. you can use your PC from your within your Oculus Quest VR headset. You can do all the normal stuff you would do on your desktop like web browsing, spread-sheeting, or pretty much whatever else you might do on your computer, but with an resizable screen in a […]

  • How To Build Worlds in AltspaceVR

    How to build worlds in Altspace featured image

    AltspaceVR is a social app that allows you to hang out and converse with other people in a virtual environment as avatars. One of the great things about AltspaceVR is the ability to easily create and edit your own virtual worlds. This guide will explain how to get started, as well as discuss some extra […]