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  • Will the Oculus Quest 2 Pro be announced on Thursday?

    Will the Oculus Quest 2 Pro be announced on Thursday? Feature Image

    Facebook Connect on Thursday October 28th Facebook’s annual tech conference, Facebook Connect, is set to launch on Thursday October 28 with the Keynote featuring Mark Zuckerberg starting at 10:00 AM (PT). You’ll also be able to watch the video with other people in VR via Venues (Beta Early Access). Join Mark Zuckerberg and other Facebook […]

  • Escaping Reality—VR, Depression, Anxiety, and Addiction

    Disclaimer: I’m not a mental health expert, nor professional anything. This post is not medical or psychological advice. Its purpose is solely to observe my own experience, and explore the ways in which I feel VR has affected me, and possibly start a conversation on the topic. I’m just an introspective gamer dealing with some […]

  • Play Half-Life on Oculus Quest—free

    Right now you can play Half-Life in VR for free on the Oculus Quest. Valve’s debut game, Half-Life, was released in 1998. Now, 22 years later, the company is getting geared up for the release of their new VR exclusive, Half-Life: Alyx.  As the release date draws nearer, Valve is building the hype by letting […]

  • VR Rhythm Games

    The top VR rhythm and dance games One of the best things about VR gaming is its ability to make you get up and move. Whether you are interested in improving your fitness or just looking for a fun challenge, rhythm games are an excellent way to get stimulated. I’ve only played a few of […]

  • What does Facebook acquisition of Beat Games mean for Beat Saber?

    Facebook acquired Beat Games On Tuesday November 26th, Facebook announced that they have purchased Beat Games—the indie game company behind VR mega-hit Beat Saber—for an undisclosed sum. Beat Games will become a part of Oculus Studios, but still work on development independently from their location in Prague.  Today we’re announcing that Beat Games is joining […]

  • No Man’s Sky, VR, and Beyond

    No man’s sky Beginning to beyond A rocky release I remember when I first heard about the game No Man’s Sky. In the summer of 2014 I was reading news of an indie gaming company called Hello Games creating a space exploration game with an endless universe that was full of procedurally-generated star systems, planets, […]